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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'm Back!!!

I had all but forgotten about this blog and had not posted since before my evolution into Veronica Mendes.  My last post was written while I was still known as Toni Richards.

Now, my first post as Veronica:


In a cocoon I am

In a state of pronoia
Developing new colours
Evolving my capability
To emerge a different kind
To merge with nature again
© Himanshu Parikh.

As I reminisced on my Birthday, on the 15th of July of 2013, I suddenly felt a new name and new start was in order.  Toni Richards had grown as much as she could grow. It was time to move to the next stage in her evolution. As such, Veronica Mendes was been born. A more mature and wise manifestation of the person who was Toni Richards, but at the same time, with the same love of all things a T-girl should love. 

I'm still the same person, but with a much more broad outlook on likes and fashion, including sexy, yet elegant and age-appropriate wear.  I hope to start anew with both new and old friends alike and hope you will join in my new journey.   

So now, with all the support of this wonderful community, the artist formerly known as Toni Richards has been so happy in  the next phase of her life on Flickr, Facebook, and in the world of T-Girl-ism.  (Yeah, I just made that up)

To you, my friends, both old and new, you all give me strength and inspiration and I hope to continue to admire you and learn from all of you lovelies.

All my love,

Veronica Mendes

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